Since the beginning of Destiny Church, prayer has been a lifeline.

Pray 21: August 4th - August 24th

Join us for prayer every morning during 21 Days of prayer.

What is Pray21?

Twice a year, we come together as a church to push out distractions and seek God in a new and unusual way. This year, join us for Pray21 from August 4th to August 24th

If you sense that God has more for your life, prayer is a great place to start believing Him for all that He has for you. The prayer service will include brief worship, a short teaching, time for individual prayer and corporate prayer. During these prayer service, you will put seeking God first into practice, and when you do this, He will start working on your behalf like never before.

You will see a difference in your relationships, your work, your family and every area of your life. It is then that you will best be able to spread His love to others. For some helpful resources, click the link below.

Crystal 4.7.2018 Prayer-2.JPG