Pastors Stephen and Zai Chandler are the bold, encouraging, life-giving leaders of Destiny Church. Since it began in 2011, Destiny Church has grown to a community of hundreds of people and is known for its exciting culture and focus on leading entire families to a passionate relationship with God.

As the son of a pastor, Pastor Stephen comes from a ministry background while Pastor Zai comes from a family led to Christ by a missionary in her native country Sierra Leone. In spite of their vastly different backgrounds they share this same passion--to see people discover their God-given destiny, and they have given their lives to help others find fulfillment.

Between the two of them, they have over fourteen years of ministry experience. Prior to pastoring Destiny Church, Pastor Stephen served as a student pastor and was involved in college ministry and Pastor Zai was a discipleship pastor amongst various other volunteer positions in the church.

In spite of Pastor Zai being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and Pastor Stephen declaring that the Baltimore Ravens are God’s favorite team, they are happily married and currently reside in Columbia, MD with their two children Zoe and Roman.